Keep your WHOIS private even during domain transfers

If you transfer a domain from one registrar to another, you are obliged to turn off WHOIS privacy for your domains
and thereby expose your real email, name and address for approximately 10 days or longer.

In these 10 days everybody can openly see your real (non private) WHOIS, and
"WHOIS data miners" will add your real information to their databases, thus make it visible forever.

With our service you can simply enter our email, name and address during a domain transfer
so that there's no "privacy gap".

We will click on the transfer confirmation link (to approve the transfer to the new registrar),
and as soon as your domain is transfered you can turn on your WHOIS privacy again.

one time fee per domain per transfer.

Contact us first, state the domain(s) to be transfered, we will give you
a personal email "" that for each domain you want to transfer.